Thursday, March 13, 2003

White Collar Jobs to go overseas...

IT jobs going overseas.
You had to know that this was inevitable. To this day, (even though I feel that most unions today are overly abusive) I cringe when I hear people belittle the idea of white collar unions. The natural progress of capitalism is to find the cheapest labor. This unto itself is not a bad thing, however, what we are lacking are the benefits of improving living standards which should be the result of increased productivity and cost controls. Unless White collar workers like programmers and engineers get a clue, they too could find their jobs exported like their blue collar brethren. The only upside to this that I see is that few people in America would be willing to accept foreign support for applications like AOL (i.e. because of the language gap etc). Maybe the blue collar class will get more support and sympathy from the white collar force as this new trend continues to uproot families and lower standards of living.