Thursday, February 27, 2003

I hope the pentagon read this assesment

Final thoughts before war...

It is pretty evident that we are going to war. As such, I am going to give my final analysis on the subject until the war actually breaks out.

I do not think that I did enough to drive home the point that I do not want to see this war happen. However, I chose not to make the case against war and to attack the moral hypocrites for very distinct reasons.

My philosophy is such that I believe in absolutes of right and wrong, good or evil, and just or unjust actions. I also want to stress that I’m not driven by any religious fundamentalism or blind allegiance to the current administration.

The question of Iraq is not a complicated one. Is it moral to declare war on a tyrant so long as it fits our national interest? The answer is a simple one. Of course it is.

All arguments and actions made by the opposition have proven to be clear moral contradictions.

How are they contradictions? Because all efforts to delay, prevent or embarrass the United States’ effort to remove Saddam Hussein is an endorsement of his regime. They are choosing to support him in order to get back at us.

Why? Because the Europeans (I will not begin to address the American side of the coin) are still holding on to their Marxist theories and socialist economies and have no outlet either intellectually or politically to deal with their frustrations.

As far as our administration’s true aspirations, I think the answer is clear. The Middle East holds a vast ocean of oil that is crucial to our current standard of living. Furthermore, every country in the region is completely unstable and incapable of change without some dramatic course of actions. What choice do we have? Each country in this volatile part of the world is both intellectually and spiritually stuck in the middle ages.

Why else do their terrorist’s leaders refer to the West as Crusaders?!? The Crusades happened centuries ago.

This is clear indication of their intellectually ability.

This is why we are going to war.

It is sad all the way around.